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Spiritual readings

 In the last 20 plus years I've offered readings as a messenger to the Divine.  I've learned many things as a reader. To name a few, I learned to hone my "spiritual gifts" and how intentions play a role in outcomes.  It's not just about set in stone predictions it's about healing the past, changing your patterns to create a better future. Yes I can predict based on current energies and mindsets, however. I try to help a person grown into their best person. This way they can create a life that that they dream of. I would like to explain this future. Imagine for a second. Your a caller and want to ask about a man in your life. Will he call? Does he love you? Will you marry. I'm sure I can see this but, what if I can help you see another man much better is on the way. More caring and attractive. Would you still want the current partner? Maybe you would. Maybe not. What if you would be happier in a different setup. I can answer all your questions about love, career and life path, but as a reader I like to give an overall perspective of where this path will lead if you choose it and help you make changes if needed. Let me see the best outcomes for you.