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Bio - I had a life changing experience around 1999. I won't go into detail about this. However, my previous spiritual book reading at the library was the key to dealing with my current circumstances.  This literally opened my eyes to a new spiritual world. To elaborate more, I simply started using the gifts God gave me. I had read about this in the Bible and other books.  Mostly I helped family and friends, and many visions and intuitive insights came true. It took me a few years to believe and trust in my abilities. Around 2002, I felt confident enough to venture out as a spiritual reader and eventually started offering spiritual messages and revelations for clients Keen.  

I offer Angel messages and card readings upon request. My focus is mainly on providing clarity for you and others who are searching to find their own passion in life. Whether it be, spiritual, starting a business or finding a soulmate in life. My ultimate goal is to offer guidance in finding happiness satisfaction and a sense of self. For those seekers out there on a journey, like many, I will give my best insights so you can have your questions answered accurately. 

My services include; love and relationship readings, career guidance and help with family dynamics. You may have questions or choices about your soulmate, working out differences, infidelity concerns or whether to stay or leave a marriage. Choices are never easy but when it involves a person you care for it can be a challenge. I would like you to come to me calm and relaxed and know I will give you my sense of the situation and not my opinion because of my own life circumstances.I am very non judgmental.

If you are looking for career direction, I can focus my attention on this area. I realize you need intuitive direction there and I will try and be a so call spiritual "antenna" for you. By looking at your situation with an unbiased approach, you will receive information about people around you. Find out who to trust, if a promotion will come or whether a career move will pay off. I will do my best to help you find and live your life purpose and passion.

If you have having family issues. Maybe you are having issues communicating with a family member, estate,inheritance conflicts or just some jealously from a close friend.These are just some of the areas, I have experience dealing with.

Gifts, I rarely call my abilities "gifts" but I will for now because I want to explain my reading style and what my strengths are. First of all, I don't really use tools unless requested, and these are only for assistance in a reading. My reading usually starts off with a first name/names then a dob (just to make sure your over 18) I really don't need a dob to read someone. I can offer a reading that's general. This is good for receiving a spiritual message or information you may not have thought of. I can also answer questions. This type of reading is better if you have something weighing on your mind and want to know something specific. I try to answer questions in as much detail as possible, but remember I'm only human. Please don't pressure or push. This tends to stop energy flow as it does for most readers. I work best in a relaxed manner. I'm also very shy by nature. So you can imagine this would not be a winning situation for either of us. Most of my clients have been really understanding. If you have come to me it's for a reason. I really believe this and even if the reading doesn't answer all questions. Please listen to all the information you receive. I do my best to connect to the creator to help you and my readings always come with the best intentions.