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Providing Professional Readings Since 2002
I've been reading for family and friends since 1998 but in 2002 I started reading professionally on Through the years, I've also worked with many other tested and true companies. Including; California psychics, Psychic Source, Best Psychic Directory and Best American Psychics. I even dabbled in radio, before finally coming back to Keen. Nowadays most of my readings are provided through  

Gifts - I connect to the Divine and receive messages through feelings and visions. I only use Angel cards, when requested, and these are only for assistance in a reading. My reading usually starts off with a first name/names then a dob (just to make sure your over 18) I really don't need a dob to read someone. I can offer a reading that's general. This is good for receiving a spiritual message or information you may not have thought of. I can also answer questions. This type of reading is better if you have something weighing on your mind and want to know something specific. I try to answer questions in as much detail as possible, but remember I'm only human. Please don't pressure or push. This tends to stop energy flow as it does for most readers. I work best in a relaxed manner. I'm also very shy by nature. So you can imagine this would not be a winning situation for either of us. Most of my clients have been really understanding. If you have come to me it's for a reason. I really believe this and even if the reading doesn't answer all questions. Please listen to all the information you receive. I do my best to connect to the creator to help you and my readings always come with the best intentions.